Born and classically trained in Poland,
Marta Jaciubek-McKeever has been
playing piano since the age of four. 


In Poland she became immersed in the teachings of Emile Jaques–Dalcroze and
his studies of Eurythmics, which led her to experiment with spur-of-the-moment performances and an ongoing series of improvisational pieces. Marta’s first foray
into the North American music scene was in 1999 as a member of indie-pop band
Girl Nobody. She later achieved international success in the conceptual post-pop
project Fan Death. Accompanied by fellow singer & songwriter Dandi Wind, Marta
toured through Mexico, Russia, U.K., Spain, France and Germany with such acclaimed acts as Florence and The Machine, Vampire Weekend and Franz Ferdinand.

Marta currently performs solo, as well as in the Salt Spring Island-based folk band, e.s.l..

Most recently Marta has scored a Deanna Milligan film called Cascadia. In her few remaining hours, she writes children's books and songs under the name Martunia.

She is a mother of two and became an advocate for Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), when her daughter was born with an extra chromosome.

Whatever form Marta is working in, her style incorporates pieces of Polish Folk, classical and contemporary influence, and stirs them with the soul and intimacy reminiscent of the dark, sultry performances of Eastern European Cabaret. She is thrilled to be incorporating electric guitar into her set and is recording new solo material in the fall of 2018.

Live, Marta’s charisma, talent and wild wit are palpable.